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Endurance Performance

Coaching and sport psychology consulting for multisport and endurance athletes 

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One-on-One Coaching

Individual, customized coaching, designed to work with an athlete's unique characteristics to meet their goals. 

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Sport Psychology Consulting

Individual and team sport psychology consulting aimed at teaching critical mental skills for success on and off the field.

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Triathlon Club

Meet up with triathletes in your local area; train, race, and learn together and share in the multisport lifestyle.

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Nicole J. Adams, PhD

An experienced coaching professional with a background in educational psychology and expertise in triathlon, Nicole helps her athletes reach their goals and get the most out of their sport in balance with life, work, family, and personal growth.

Nicole Adams, PHD
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Athlete-Centered Approach

Our philosophy at Top Line Coaching is to meet athletes where they are in their development and work with them directly to encourage profound physical and mental fitness. We do not believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach; our coaching is extensive and highly interactive which leads to long term engagement and success. 

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